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Published On March 23, 2016 | By Weund Easton | Automotive

If you Googled, Wedding Limo Minneapolis, you are looking for us. When it comes to your wedding transportation, there is nothing worse then having something fall through or having plans fail because of something out of your control.  With all of the different companies you have hired for this special occasion and all of the different people in control of those businesses, you have relinquished a lot of power to those places.  If one messes up, or doesn’t do what you hired them to do, you have the potential of a horrible wedding on your hands… or at least one you will not forget.

Make sure to check out the reviews for the businesses, especially your limousine company, that you are going to hire for your once in a lifetime event (at least we hope it is a once in a lifetime situation for you).  Do your due diligence and research to see that the company you want to make your cake is reputable and has had enough reviews to support those statements.  Whether it be on Google, Facebook, or Yelp, make sure to read the reviews from real customers.  If a business is worth hiring, they have had customers that want to rant and rave about them.  If you hire a limousine company to take you to the wedding, make sure you get one that actually shows up!  When a limo company messes up, I guarantee it is being reviewed by one angry bride and groom.


Limo companies have a stereotype of not showing up on those important dates leaving you without transportation to your own wedding – do your research!  We loved this limousine company.


It doesn’t take too much time to do a little online research to save your entire wedding day and to help take control of situations out of your control.  By simply Googling the company and seeing what they are like, you can easily narrow down the list of companies to hire and companies not to hire.  Do yourself and your future spouse a favor and take a day aside to research history and deliveries of the companies you have decided to hire for your special day.


If you aren’t sure on what to look for or how to do your research, you can always go to the Better Business Bureau’s website and see what information can be found there.  If any business has had a complaint filed against them, the BBB website should have it listed.  You can also search public records to see if there has ever been a lawsuit against them.  Trust us, if someone is truly mad at a business, it’ll be shown in the form of a lawsuit.

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