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Published On October 22, 2016 | By Weund Easton | Car

For many who get into the car dealership business, it is a tough world. It can be a dog eat dog atmosphere, even in your own dealership. But while many new car salespeople are left hanging in the wind, it is still always a good idea to give a few tips to newbies, even if you are in competition with them. Whether it be helping them to master the auto dealership software or talking about when to ask for credit scores (never!) there are always ways to make sure that new salesperson does well enough to continue being a valuable member of the car dealership’s staff.

Never Forget a Test Drive

While pointing out features is all very fine, the test drive in the car they have been eyeing all afternoon is the one thing that can make or break a sale. In fact, if there was ever anything that made a poor prospect turn into a solid buyer, it has to be the test drive. When returning to the lot at the end of the drive, always encourage them to think of this car as their own car. When they can envision themselves driving it off the lot, you will have a happy buyer!

Look Beyond Lot Traffic

While it is by no means an indication that you should ever ignore the folks walking through the lot, you can’t count on it day in and day out to bring you in a prospective customer. If the day is not the best for that lot traffic, always have a list of prior customers you can touch base with or ask for referrals. By using that down time to your advantage you can turn a quiet day into a productive day, by reaching out to prior customers, following up on leads and reaching out to cold calls. If nothing else works, don’t forget to chat with the service customers. They may have a family member or friends that are in the market they can tell you about or recommend you to, at the least.

Work on a Killer Greeting

We all know that we only get one chance to make a first impression. This goes for selling as much as for making friends, so your opening greeting needs to be one that connects immediately. Always start with a warm welcome and not only introduce yourself, but ask them their name as well. This will get the ball rolling and open up a chance for some real dialogue with them. By welcoming them into the dealership you can give them a feeling of belonging, and also have opened up a conversation with them to find out what they truly need.

Of course, there are plenty of ideas on what you can do to improve your sales on that dealership floor. From bringing in the manager to “turn over” a new leaf with a tough client to staying clear of negative salespeople and the “sales huddle”, you can make a difference. Always think about how the dealership looks to any prospective client when they walk in the door and you will improve your sales. In the end, the customer really is king, you simply have to let them know it.

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