The BMW 3 Series Is a Best-Selling Vehicle in the UK: Here Is Why

Published On January 17, 2017 | By Weund Easton | Automotive

People living in the UK like the BMW 3 Series automobile because it is easy to handle, well-designed, and simple to personalise. You don’t have to spend a large amount of money to own the car either. The steering is sharp and precise and the car is well-weighted. When you drive the car, you will note that navigation is superbly balanced and agile. This is the car to drive if you want to feel in control on the roadway.

An Affordable BMW Choice

Also, take note that the ride is considerably more consistent than other vehicles. That is an achievement in and of itself. Again, economy is noted as BMW has made significant strides in the past few years with its Efficient Dynamics package designed to enhance petrol use and lessen emissions. As a consequence, owners save a good deal of money when owning any of the BMW 3 Series automobiles.

In the current 3 Series, almost all of the featured diesel-engined cars are providing in excess of 60mpg and emitting CO2 levels that place them in Band C for the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) or road tax. That still places a used BMW for sale in Huddersfield at a cheaper operating cost than what you normally expect in a luxury executive car.


The BMW 3 Series also features connectivity in the form of ConnectedDrive, a feature that employs an SIM card embedded in the vehicle. This system is probably the best system in the marketplace as it offers such amenities as real-time traffic details and music streaming directly into the car. It also places drivers in the pole position for any technological developments that will take place in the newer model BMW automobiles.

In addition, this BMW series features a great cabin. In fact, a BMW interior is one of the best interiors in which to sit. If you buy an older car, you can probably find one with leather seating. Not only are the seats comfortable and well-designed, but the interior also provides just the right amount of headroom and space. All the switches are high-quality too – solid and put together well.

Stylish Equipment Upgrades

If you plan to upgrade to a new BMW in the future, then the 3 Series offers personalisation options worth considering. As long as you stick to a budget, you can still opt for some very practical and stylish equipment. You can also find this type of equipment on the pre-owned models that are available for sale.

BMW built its reputations on designing and making rear-wheel drive vehicles. That is what has made the cars ultimate driving machines. However, the newer generation of 3 Series cars are also offering four-wheel-drive autos.

The newer four-wheel-drive cars are referred to as x drive autos. So, if you live in the part of the UK that tends to get snowy, icy, or muddy, you can fully savour the driving experience associated with owning a 3, especially if it is classified as an x drive automobile.

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