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Published On October 18, 2017 | By Weund Easton | Automotive

What You Need To Know.

Armouring vehicles is a common occurrence in many regions of the world, particularly for those with politically exposed professions. Take an unpopular president or various other political leaders as an example. They are transported by an armoured vehicle to enhance their protection from potential attacks. You might be wondering, “how is a vehicle armoured and if the vehicle is bought like that from new”. What fascinates people is how these vehicles are made so robust and what is involved in the manufacturing of such vehicles. Read on to find out more!

Maintaining the level of high quality in precision engineering & production predominant in the automotive industry, engineers and manufacturers in armouring centers worldwide provide us with these vehicles in addition to producing armour-fitted kits for special edition European vehicles.

What is important about armoured vehicle manufacturers?

Attack-proof, reliability, and durability! After all, the vehicles’ bodies must be able to withstand any potential ballistic or weaponry attack. With this in mind, you should know that armoured vehicles are subject to the most rigorous testing, either in firing ranges or by certified ballistic testing organizations to make sure that vehicles are physically ready prior to a full production cycle commencing.

Vehicles are produced using tested ballistic materials, of a high-grade and then monitored in detail by a quality management system.

Special-Edition Vehicles

Building special-edition vehicles mean creating special technologies to work with the vehicles. Having the precision-experience and knowledge necessary to perform professional armouring conversions to vehicles is essential in ensuring the best materials & craftsmanship are used throughout.

  • Some services in special-edition vehicle productions:
  • Bodywork conversions to vehicles
  • Bespoke interiors – reinforced seats, dash and inside panels
  • Exterior designs – outside panels, windows/glass, wheels, and tires etc
  • Communication/Technology – phone & GPS systems, cameras, and sensors, weapons
  • Security technology – alarms, locking mechanisms, automatic defense

Firing Ranges

What exactly goes into testing a new armoured vehicle?

Some of these manufacturers will have their own ballistic-testing facility, some more advanced than others. This allows testers to carry out comprehensive tests on both the materials used in the manufacture and the final armoured vehicle.

Ballistic experts simulate typical attack scenarios involving weaponry & explosions, making sure that materials and panels and joints are checked thoroughly at each stage of manufacturing.

Some Interesting Figures About Armoured Vehicles

  1. There are currently more than 100,000 armoured vehicles in existence across the world
  2. $120,000 is the average price for an armoured vehicle, with some special editions costing over the $3 million mark!
  3. If you were traveling at 60 miles per hour in an armoured vehicle, it would take you just under 6 months to reach the moon!

Managing Your Armoured Vehicle

There are training courses available to aid armoured vehicle owners in looking after their new vehicles. Individual or group courses are on offer to help prepare owners for a potential attack.

Knowing how to maintain your armoured vehicle as well as operating it to its full potential is key in keeping you and your passengers safe.

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